The INCREDIBLE Adventure!

This unforgettable experience came to me from a trusted friend and co-worker that 2019 was the year for me to get out of my safe zone and try new things. Going on a zipline was not my first choice but has become a major highlight in my life. It all began with the wonderfully talented, skilled and fun Ski Apache staff and instructors. Ski Apache GondolaFrom the start you know these individuals take very seriously what they are preparing you for and want you to have fun during it for the next 1.5 hours. Everyone is individually equipped with an impressive harness that at first feels heavy but then later are comforted by its security. Lastly is the fitting of the helmet indicating the fun is about to begin. It becomes obvious why this $50M facility is rated as "One of the Best in the World". You begin the adventure (no other word for it) in an 8 passenger gondola taking you to an elevation of 11,500 ft where your first and longest zipline flight begins. The views are inspiring as your eyes take you to vistas and forest seen by only a few. Once again our instructors, David & Fred, reviewed proper operation procedures with us, checked our gear, gave us a big smile and off we went for truly the thrill of a lifetime that includes 3 landing platforms ending at the bottom where it all began earlier.

My only regret is not having done it sooner. There is a saying that "most of life's regrets are not about what we did, but rather what we could have done" Maybe so.....

Your Ruidoso HOME TeamBy: Joan Zagone / Associate Broker 

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